Spring Break 2017

Spring Break 2017. So, whatcha gonna do? 

Before we dive off in to all the cool things to do around town next month, here’s the local school districts break schedule

March 13-17 Spring Break (5 Days)

Putnam City
March 13-17 Spring Break (5 Days)

Oklahoma City

March 6-17 Spring Break (10 Days)

It’s still a bit early, and in theory anyway, too cold for everything to have opened up and switched to summer hours. So let’s have a look at the things we’ve done and should be a good bet, despite the weather.

In state road trip

Oklahoma Aquarium

Take a trip beneath the ocean’s surface and come face-to-face with an impressive array of diverse aquatic creatures including jellyfish, eels and playful river otters at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks.  With over 100 exhibits and an underwater viewing tunnel that allows visitors to view the world’s largest captive bull sharks while they swim alongside and overhead, this aquarium is a sure-fire hit this Spring Break.  Stop by one of the aquarium’s touch tanks to feel the slippery skin of stingrays and small sharks!

Alabaster Caverns State Park

Alabaster Caverns State Park near Freedom offers a guided cave tour through the world’s largest gypsum cave that is open to the public.  For a unique Spring Break experience, head to this park and plunge headfirst into adventure beneath the Earth’s surface.  Take a tour of the ¾ mile-long cavern, hear stories from the past from knowledgeable tour guides and don’t forget to watch out for bats!  For adults looking for Spring Break activities in and around the park, try your hand at spelunking in wild caves with a permit and appropriate equipment.

In town

Oklahoma City Zoo

Celebrate the rebirth of spring by visiting one of the state’s most popular attractions, the Oklahoma City Zoo.  Turn the kids loose in the zoo’s acclaimed Children’s Zoo area and watch as they pet unusual barnyard animals, feed nectar to hungry lorikeets, scramble around climbing areas and splash in a stunning waterfall complete with flamingos frolicking nearby and a koi pond.  With over 2,500 animals situated on 110 acres, you’ll have no problem bouncing from one activity to the next.

Pole Position Raceway

Strap on your helmet and get ready to fly around the racetrack at Pole Position Raceway in Oklahoma City.  Burn off some energy this Spring Break with a shot of adrenaline as you and your family race each other around this state-of-the-art indoor racing facility, featuring over 85,000-sq. ft. of heart pumping action and thrills.  Home to some of the fastest go-karts in the nation, Pole Position Raceway uses fume-free electric karts and also offers video games, pool tables and an on-site café.

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