Long time leaders retiring at SNU and Bethany Public Schools

Dr. Loren Gresham and Dr. Kent Shellenberger will be retiring this year, opening the door to new leadership and closing the door on some amazing careers and service to the community.

Dr. Loren P. Gresham announced he will retire on July 31, 2017. At that time he will have led Southern Nazarene University as president for 28 years. For the 22 years preceding his presidency Dr. Gresham served SNU in other administrative, teaching, and coaching roles.

Dr. Kent Shellenberger 

He has been superintendent of Bethany Public Schools since 1997 and an adjunct professor at Southern Nazarene University since 1990, has been an Oklahoma educator for nearly 40 years. Prior to becoming a superintendent, Dr. Shellenberger worked for the Putnam City and Yukon Public schools starting out as a business education teacher and coach. He’ll be moving to a full time teaching position just up the street at SNU.

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